Get hands-free, worry-free, problem-free home maintenance, all year long

Protect and maintain the value of your home
without even lifting a finger.

Imagine having an on-call team of experts, ready to jump in and handle any problem you might have with your home.
And imagine that team not only responded to problems but helped you prevent them altogether, protecting the value of your
home for the long-term.

With Total Home’s professional home maintenance services, you get both.

Here’s how it works:

Initial Assessment

We’ll have a certified home inspector conduct an initial assessment, creating a report of every issue we find. We’ll review the report with you and create a plan to replace or repair any immediate issues.

Seasonal Maintenance

We’ll conduct maintenance every 3 months, using a 500 point checklist to eliminate issues and prepare your home for every season. We’ll discuss anything we find and manage the process of making any repairs or replacements necessary.

One-Call Assistance

If anything happens between our assessments, just pick up the phone and call. Whether it’s an emergency repair or just a leaky faucet, we’ll be ready to step in and solve the problem.

As your on-call home maintenance team, we’ll get the job done right with a personal touch.

We (literally) do it all for you.

Our 500-point checklist covers every single home maintenance item you can think of –
and probably a few hundred you never even knew were important!

  • Thermal imaging of home to detect potential moisture or insulation problems
  • Removing lint & debris from dryer vents (a leading cause of home fires)
  • Checking appliances for recalls
  • Cleaning exhaust fans
  • Testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Changing furnace filters and humidifier pads
  • Maintenance of furnace and ductwork
  • Maintenance and service of hot water tank
  • Garage doors and garage door openers
  • Maintaining and replacing seals at all exterior access points
  • Checking roof for potential problems or moisture entry
  • Fixing squeaky doors and windows
  • Replacing brittle or eroded caulking
  • Inspecting your foundation for wearing and cracks
  • Seasonal maintenance and tune ups
  • Complete maintenance of interior and exterior of home
  • Emergency service
  • & much, much more!

One team, one number, any problem at all.

Whenever you have a problem – whether it’s a burst pipe, broken furnace or just a squeaky doorknob – we’re your “go-to” team. No need to dig out a phone book or wait hours for a response. Just punch in our number, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Problem assessment

We’ll analyze the issue and determine the best course of action to get a timely solution.

Pricing & planning

We’ll do the homework for you, comparing prices and overseeing your repair or replacement as necessary to ensure a job that’s done both promptly and well.

Sourcing contractors

Drawing on our private network of vetted and trusted contractors, we’ll get a professional courteous and capable expert to your home.

Emergency response

In situations like a burst pipe where you need immediate assistance, we’ll drastically cut the response time it takes to get a qualified pro on the job.

Catch small issues before they become BIG problems.

The vast majority of home problems aren’t unpredictable – but to prevent them, you need to know where to look. Because our preventative maintenance checklists are so thorough, we catch small issues that would have become huge, expensive problems had they been left unchecked.

We catch and eliminate sneaky issues like…

  • Water leaks
  • Fire hazards
  • Worn out hardware
  • Poor drainage
  • Poorly sealed windows and doors
  • Leaks or damage in building envelope
  • Damaged, loose or missing shingles
  • Exposed and fraying wires & electrical
  • Cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Mold & mildew
  • Missing or poorly installed siding
  • Inadequate or missing insulation

A low price for total peace of mind.

For just $300 per month for a minimum of 12 months, you can protect your home, prevent major damage and eliminate the hassle of handling homeowner’s issues yourself.

With Total Home’s professional home maintenance services, you get…

  • A thorough inspection from a 3rd party home inspector
  • Ongoing home maintenance
  • A personal go-to team of professionals and just one number to call
  • Access to our independently vetted & qualified contractors
  • Friendly, expert advice for any issue
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for every season

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