Transform Your Basement Into The Games Room

The thrill of a Vegas-style night out has many of us itching to don tuxes and taffeta to live the Bugsy life, even if it is just down the stairs. Turning your basement into a ‘casino royale’ begins with the layout — designing the space to accommodate the tables, seating and sideline games you prefer. Try have a themed night — 007 is always a hit — and show movies behind the bar, serve classic James Bond cocktails and invite everyone to show up in their fancy duds — perfect for New Year’s or other celebrations. And, as an added bonus, you don’t have to tip the gold-painted gladiator when you enter!


The Bar

Whether your style is heritage or art deco, adding a bar so your guests can take a load off and lament over libations is a great way to kick your basement casino into high gear, especially if you have a cocktail centre. Here are some classic James Bond drinks that will get you started: Vesper Martini, which was invented in Casino Royale; Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred; Scotch and Soda; Vodka Tonic; Americano; Old Fashioned; Stinger; Majito; Black Velvet; and Negroni.


The Furniture

Add rich warmth to your gaming room with style: upholstered or leather chairs. Comfortable seating, whether it’s around the bar or games table, is essential when you’re having friends over for some sit-down fun. Add richness with bold patterns and rich, dark colors for that classic games-room feel. For people who prefer to stand and watch the action, have bar-height tables around the room to place drinks and plates of hors d’oeuvres.


The Games

Because this room will reflect whom you are and what you want to play, you can customize the games accordingly. Anything goes — this is your space. So, if you’re a slot player, put a few in the corner (arcade games work well, too). Other games you may enjoy are dart boards; craps, poker and billiards tables; and, of course, a roulette wheel.


The Lights

Be sure to add pendant lighting above your games table so players can see their cards, and who’s bluffing, as well as gaming lights above your snooker/pool table for that bank shot. Depending on the overall design, heritage and stained glass styles can add panache on cue, as can chandeliers and sconces.

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