Transform Your Basement Into a Home Theatre

With the advent of the projection and wide-screen panel TVs, it isn’t much of a stretch to want your basement to be transformed into a theater room. Find authenticity in the details — the little things, such as the smell of freshly popped popcorn, cold soda or candy counter. Because once you get used to not shelling out $15 a ticket to watch a movie, you’ll be finding new flicks to kick off your weekend, especially come Oscar time!



Home theater furniture should be comfortable, designed for sitting for long periods of time and easily maintained. Some preferred options are joined reclining seats (sectionals work great for this) and stain-resistance fabrics, such as leather. You may also want to consider those that have built-in lit cup-holders and trays.


Snack Bar

You can’t have that full theater experience without the snacks — you know: the smell of popcorn popping (microwavable bags just don’t cut it) and a counter littered with licorice, lollipops and chocolate-covered nuts. So, install a mini candy bar into the corner, complete with a soda fridge — instant concession counter!



Today’s films have virtually unlimited soft-to-loud dynamic range, dialog is mixed to the center channel; surround effects may be either ambient or point-sourced; and demands for deep base can be extreme. So, when you are choosing a home theater audio system, take a good look at your room: if you have more than 700 square feet of space, you need a visceral, feel-the-sound experience so consider buying full-size, full-range speakers with a powerful amplifier instead of a receiver. If your room is smaller, go with a small satellite-sub woofer combo and a quality receiver. Put most of your money into a center-channel speaker for the ultimate theater experience.


The Screen Theater

When deciding on the type of screen to put in your home theater room, size plays  a big role. With projectors, the larger the image, the less overall brightness created. Today’s projectors can easily create enough light for a screen upward of 100 inches. If you are opting for flat screens, LED are a great alternative because they are brightest TVs you can buy, although plasma TVs have a better contrast ratio. Both are available upward to 100 to 150 inches. Whichever option you go with, be sure you have the wall width and height to accommodate. Remember, any screen you place will need to be a few feet off the floor to accommodate furniture, especially if you have recliners, and a few feet from the ceiling so you aren’t getting a sore neck from tilting your head back!

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