Transform Your Basement Into The Man Cave

What a man cave looks like depends on the man. While some prefer the bar-life, others lean more toward tinkering with cars or playing video games. So, decide what you like to spend your time doing, and then design your cave around that.


The Gamer’s Man Cave

If you’ve managed to convince your spouse that gaming is your life and the best way to fuel that fire is to have a gamer’s man cave, well then you might as well go all out! Be sure you have a big-screen TV with clear imaging for those video game graphics you’re so fond of; Chairs that cushion your tush for all-day competitions; fiber-optic Internet, cause we all know that a slow connection cannot be tolerated; a refrigerator for the drinks and snacks you can’t be troubled to go upstairs to get; and headsets for when other household members don’t want to listen to your loud, blasting warfare games while they’re watching Downton Abbey.


The Music Lover’s Man Cave

Musicians have been relegated to strumming their guitars and playing their  drums in basements for years, but they’ve usually done it around ping-pong tables and piles of storage boxes. If you love music, showcase it! Have your man cave designed to give you space to strum and drum; an area to record your tunes; and a comfy place to entertain your friends when they pop by for a jam session.


The Social Man Cave

If you are the pub-crawler or the poker-player, having an area to get together with your bros and chill is one fine way to find your basement design. A bar is practically a given, but add a few tables and comfy couches for group chats. A beer and/or wine fridge is also a great accessory, as are dartboards and games tables.


The Sport-Fanatic Man Cave

Whether your game is hockey, basketball or golf, having a retreat to watch the game and catch up on the scores — and share your love of the sports with fellow like-minded souls — is a great theme to design by. The sports-lovers man cave should have some essentials, though, such as multi-screen TVs, a bar to serve up buffalo-style chicken wings and wall space to show off your collected  memorabilia.

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