Transform Your Basement Into The Play Room

Kids naturally love to play in basements: they are away from the grownups so they feel independent yet still near adults if something goes wrong. Creating the ultimate playroom in your basement, however, takes thinking like a kid. So, put aside all your grownup concepts of the space you would love to play in and, instead, think of what your kids would love. Cater to your kids’ interests and hobbies, and throw in some safe guards and hideaway areas. Protect your investment by adding features that have a higher chance of adding resale value.


Play Room Furniture

It comes as no surprise that kids are smaller than their parents, so their furniture should be, too. Invest in child-size couches and chairs, tables and shelves. To kid the fun up a bit, include textiles and tactile — furry or rubbery seat covers; velour-encased cushions for nap time softness; and spongy blocks and rocks for seating. Don’t forget about play zones where kids can create: painting stations, water and train tables, rock-climbing walls and puppet-show spaces.


The Colors

Kids love colour, and the more vibrant the better. So, when choosing we suggest washable, stain-resistant, durable paints in beautiful bright shades, such as blues, reds, greens, oranges and pinks — think crayons and markers; paints and clays. For added measure, check out the chalkboard paints! Cause we all know how much kids like to draw on walls, and when they are raspberry-red chalk paint, they are even harder to resist!


The Storage

With all the little trucks and trains; building blocks and puppets, you are going to need lots of storage in your kid’s playroom. Begin with built-in shelving for books and bins and progress to furniture that pulls double duty as storage areas and racks for DVDs and games.


The Themes

By going the theme route, you can tie all your essential elements such as furniture and toys to one concept, whether it is castles, knights and princesses or boats, whales and sea urchins. A good place to start is your kid’s favorite books, movies and hobbies. Once you have an interest, you have a theme to work with — you just need to get creative in putting it together (designers and Internet  searches are great resources).

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