Industrial Chic

Designing an industrial chic bathroom takes a steel reserve. After all, when you shower your space with industrial glass, pipes and steel, you’re going to get your bathroom noticed. What better place to experiment with this on-trend look, than your bathroom?



You don’t have far to go to get an idea of what industrial lighting looks like — a  train ride will usually do it. Transit task lighting or charm it up with corded, light bulb pendants and sconces. Add white plush rugs and to soften up the space.


Cabinates & Hardware

Matted grey finishes and industrial stainless-steel hardware are a given — think office furniture, but if you want to add a bit of warmth to an otherwise very grey room, do it through cabinetry. By introducing a wood cabinet and topping it with a cool charcoal-stained counter top, you break up the greys in the room, and create the ideal canvass for stainless-steel hardware to pop.


Flooring & Walls

Essential in creating the industrial chic look is the floor. Choose cement-based or  cool stone flooring for their barefoot appeal. Glass walls are also excellent in lending separation, as well as a feeling of spaciousness. Turn to marble for the shower, as it is both practical and beautiful, especially when it has grey tones that complement the stainless steel in the room. For that added construction-site chic,  have an exposed brick wall to tie the design together.


Tubs & Sinks

Exposed plumbing gives tubs and sinks a healthy dose of style, as does dark grey finishes. Go for geometric shapes for that industrial infusion and hint of container chic. If grey tubs and sinks aren’t up your alley, chose whites and make them explode from the room by placing them atop and around slate greys and blacks.

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