The Art Deco Bathroom

When trying to get inspired to create a glamorous bathroom, think Art Deco. Developed after the First World War, this glamorous style of decorating resulted in the infusing of metals and glass with bold patterns and movements. It blended fashion, architecture, fabric and jewelry design with furniture, lighting and fixtures, adding an industrial art look to many rooms. And what better way to add glitz and glamour to your bathroom then by injecting a little Art Deco into the space.


Chic Colors

Our team of designers and project managers work together to help you pick the right theme, using your budget, personal style and our expertise.


Getting Floored

Classic white or black marble flooring is typical in an Art Deco interior and they can often be seen in checkerboard designs. When combined with geometric- designed rugs of swirls and flowers, sleek floors get stylized.


Lighting Up

Add ambiance to your Art Deco design with ceiling lights, especially crystal  chandeliers; floor and table lamps; and wall sconces. Hand-blown glass designs are classic to the style, but also turn to flowers and geometric shapes to add structure. A touch of bronze and glass goes a long way in grounding the fixtures. For floor lamps, think tall torchieres in wrought iron or chrome with hand-blown glass shades. Frosted or colored glass is also ideal for table lamps and wall sconces, the latter of which can include bronze, aluminum, steel or silver-plated base metals.


Vain Vanities

A cabinet and mirror duo can add so much to a space, turning it from rustic to refined; simple to opulent. Not into glitz and glitter? Turn to the grand elegance of mahogany cabinets for that refined sophistication or distressed looking pieces for vintage style. Whether they are sheen or matted, add a touch of Art Deco with polished nickel, chrome or gold hardware. Glass vessel sinks, or those that are under-mounted with exposed plumbing, can turn your vanity into a vain work of art.

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