The Bold and the Beautiful Bathroom

Bringing a splash of color to your bathroom will give you an opportunity to make your personality pop off the walls or out of the shower stall, creating a bold and beautiful place to bathe.


Colorful Cabinates

Rather than have your colour delegated to your walls, why not splash it on your  cabinets. Bold reds are complemented by white and black, so turn up the dial on  your design by bringing them into your bathroom. When using a vibrant colour on your cabinets, though, be sure to balance it out with subdued hues on the  surrounding surfaces, including counter tops, sinks and tubs.


Painter's Pallete

Just take a trip into your crayon box and get inspired. From kelly and emerald greens to sapphire and aqua blues, set off your bold selections with artwork, lighting and white or black sinks and tubs.


Stylin’ Sinks & Soackers

If you just can’t get enough for your color monster to feed on, turn to the sinks  and tubs — they will definitely make the biggest, boldest statement, since they  take up the most space in your bathroom. But if you do decide to go there, know where you are going. Pick accent colors that complement and ground your choice. For inspiration, turn to Aztec or First Nations’ pottery and fabrics: the dyes came from the earth, so have a natural cohesion.


Wallpaper Wannabees

Admit it: you loved your grandmother’s velvety patterned wallpaper. That’s OK, though, you are not the only one; designers have been dipping into this well for a few years, now, to bring style to a bland room. Patterns range from the subdued to the crazily chic, bringing together colors that traditionally would clash for heightened eye appeal. Some of the more trendy include floral motifs, geometric shapes, stripes and zigzags.

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