The Designer Bathroom

When people think of ‘designer’ anything, they automatically think of popular brands. But, when it comes to your bathroom few brands are even recognizable. A designer bathroom has more to do with style than anything else.



These modern, elegant spaces showcase forward design trends, with geometric  patterns, flowing curves, hard angles and clean lines. Today’s contemporary  designs include double sinks, walk-in showers, over sized bathtubs and lots of storage. Tile’s many colors and style make it a favorite for floors, showers,  counter tops and back splashes. Add personality through cabinet pulls, shower heads and faucets, which come in a variety of finishes.



A combination of modern and traditional, European styles can work well with any bathroom size because it is simple and relatively unadorned. Sinks are pedestal, allowing for more movement, while cabinets have minimal hardware with a flush design. Materials range from wood, stone and granite, while accessories include glass and mirrors; curtains and columns; statues and paintings.


Shabby Chic

These comfortable, lived-in bathrooms welcome guests with elegant, laid-back décor. Weathered and distressed furniture and fixtures are offset with drapery, cool crackle paint colors and mix-and-match metals and woods that cross over eras. Accessories include brushed iron quilt racks, vintage mirrors and chandelier lighting.



Borrowing from eras long gone by, traditional bathroom designs often turn to the Victorian age for inspiration. Rather than being sleek and minimalist, they lean more toward faux-natural materials, such as stone, slate or granite, with historic or vintage tile choices. Common are cabinets, benches and chairs in maple, oak and cheery, which were found in Colonial bathrooms of old. Sinks and fixtures are also of the years past, with porcelain claw-foot tubs; basin, pedestal and console sink types; and finishes in copper, iron or oil-rubbed bronze to ground the room.

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