The Japanese Zen Bathroom

The point of a Japanese Zen bathroom is to rejuvenate and relax your body and soul. It is a place where you can go and escape the bustle of business or hassle of housekeeping — with no bosses or kids to needle in on your brain’s downtime.

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Living walls, pots of bonsai trees and sticks of bamboo all bring traditional Japanese elements to a Zen bathroom. It can be a simple infusion, or an intricate mingling of bathroom fixtures, lush gardens, and stones. This “living room” will elevate your oxygen levels and clear your mind like no other, brushing away cobwebs of concern in favor of bonsai beauty.



Shoji screens are an excellent way to divide your space and add a tad of Japanese tradition to your Zen bathroom. Consisting of panels of rice paper framed in a wooden grid, the screens can be used as sliding doors between your master bedroom and en-suite or as stand-alone dressing room screens. Their geometric design and neutral, natural tones give off a calming and peaceful presence — essential elements to bathing Zen style.


The Design

If you have lots of space to work with, use an open-concept, free-flowing juxtaposition of bathroom elements (tub, cabinets, shower) and add Japanese décor items, such as cherry blossom paintings, rice paper screens, bonsai trees and bamboo. Turn to natural woods and stone to create your clean, un-muddled sanctuary. The minimalist design focuses on order and space, as well as sleek and contemporary.


Tubs & Fixtures

Much like the fire and water design, Japanese Zen takes implementing earthen elements into the bathroom to a new level, by getting rid of cabinet legs and stands and having tubs and fixtures free to flow. Sinks and tubs are geometric, while faucets turn to culture for inspiration and add a modern twist of style.

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