The Rustic Retreat

When turning to luxurious rustic designs to create a bathroom retreat, forego the flea market and turn to the fashion pages — vintage heritage styles with modern infusions. While we may love the look of barn board and worn rusty hardware, we don’t want the inconveniences associated with them. Leave it to bathroom designers to come up with a balance.


Cultural Cabinates

Rustic, Old World cabinets give you wanted storage and also allow you to personalize the space. Knotted wood adds nostalgic charm, while distressed or spackled finishes give your cabinets an antique personality. Turn to heritage hardware — brass, copper — or cultural chic with branch and bow lookalikes.


Plumbing Exposed

One way to delve into history is to expose it. Heritage homes have their plumbing and pipes showcased for all the world to see, so do the same when you recreate that look in your commode. Add decorative accessories such as toilet pulls and chains to round out your rustic retreat.


The Farmhouse Bathroom

A copper sink basin, with two faucets; antique scones and vintage-style tub flooring will send you and your guests back to the basics, and to the pioneer prairie life. Add inset lighting and sconces for that lamp-light ambiance.


Walls & Floors Rock

Rustic isn’t synonymous with a lack of style — far from it. Modern designs turn heritage on its heels with stone archways, walls and floors to put earthen living into a luxurious light. Make the rocks rock by balancing the stone with wood and iron for that rural cabin retreat.

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